This dynamic duo are not to be missed. Get yourself to a store and swatch/swipe/test – do whatever you need to do to get these products on your face. I Instagrammed these a few weeks ago and have continued to put them to the test ever since. After popping into the Armani Beauty pop-up on Friday I was reminded that they hadn’t yet made it to the blog.

You must get to Covent Garden if you can. The store is great.

The main difference between this primer and the Maestro UV is that this one is for glow, and the Maestro is matt. There are three coloured primers in this range, beige, pink and mauve. I’m a beige girl. You would use pink or mauve to counteract colour issues, but all three give great glow and long-lasting wear.
I’ve also used the primer underneath Hourglass and Laura Mercier foundations, with much success.

Highly, highly recommend.

I’ve had to accept that outside of holidays and tinted SPF versions, my days of tinted moisturiser are over. In my early days in the industry I championed Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturiser and even until fairly recently, Chantecaille Just Skin. I will still keep Just Skin for hols, and popping out, but ‘official’ makeup days require coverage. Proper, melasma, sagging, discoloured, long-lasting, non-sweating coverage.

The Power Fabric is the first foundation from Armani that I have not only got on with, but become obsessed with. For starters, there’s no dropper bottle. It’s a pump. *SING CHOIRS OF ANGELS*
(Note to the industry. We all hate droppers. We’ll make do if we really love your formula, but please, cease and desist.)

Secondly, it’s straightforward application. No special application methods, you can apply with fingers or a brush (or a sponge if you like – I can’t bear them) and it’s proper full coverage, that lasts. Really lasts.

I’m wearing it here (these are from Instagram stories and have no filters, just a variety of store overhead lights):

And here..

And to complete the Big Bird trifecta, this one..

I’m between a 4.5 and 5.5 in Power Fabric. I may go up half a shade in the summer, but this is perfect for me now, in February/March. Shade selection goes up to 13 so you should be able to find something appropriate if you’re darker.

Seriously, check them out. They’re both brilliant.


In the UK:
UV Primer is £36.90 from 
Power Fabric is £40.00 from

In the US:
Power Fabric is $64.00 from
UV Primer is unavailable – probably because of the SPF differences.

Everyone else can try here for stockists in your country: