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Let’s protect the Beauty industry we all know and love.

Let’s Back Beauty.

The Beauty Backed initiative launches today, Monday 3rd August 2020, with Go Fund Me Fundraiser and Petition platforms to raise both funds and support for the reopening of the Beauty industry in its entirety.

Beauty Backed is supported by industry experts and influencers as well as The British Beauty Council and BABTAC, is raising money, support and awareness in the form of a petition and fundraising page, for the clinics, aestheticians, makeup artists, and therapists unable to work due to the government’s lack of support and understanding of the power, loyalty and expertise in our industry.

The Beauty industry contributes over £28 billion to the economy annually
and the way it has been so mercilessly let down will not stand.

Together we can rise up to show just how much this industry of powerhouse individuals and businesses means to us all, both in ongoing financial as well as emotional support and encouragement.

Let’s do this!

For the love of Beauty.


Aestheticians, makeup artists, therapists and clinicians have not been able to earn an income for over five months. The continued restrictions impacting those who carry out treatments show that the government does not comprehend or appreciate the value of the beauty industry.

Outside of medical environments, if any community can maintain the level of standards required for safety during the Covid-19 crisis, it is Beauty.

The Health and Safety of clients and makeup artists is and always has been taken very seriously.

Now it’s time our industry is.


The Beauty industry champions entrepreneurship (predominantly female).

Creates hundreds of thousands of jobs.

Generates tens of billions in consumer spending for the UK economy, contributing more than Motor Vehicle Manufacturing.

One in every sixty jobs in the UK is in Beauty.


Beauty Backed is using its voice to present the case that clinic restrictions must end and you can add yours to the mission by signing the Beauty Backed petition.

Please note, when you sign the petition it asks for donations to ‘boost’ the campaign. That is money that keep.
We only receive donations made via the official fundraiser below:

Visit the Beauty Backed Go Fund Me page directly to donate.

100% of your donations will be dispersed via the Hair and Beauty Charity who in turn donate to the individuals and businesses who apply for help to stay afloat whilst the restrictions are still in place.

For further information on getting involved, quotes, comment or further details on the petition and fundraising progress please contact
help (at)


Apply here via the Hair and Beauty Charity.



Beauty Backed is a non-profit fundraising initiative run through Go Fund Me and and in association with The Hair and Beauty Charity no. 1166298. Company no. 10085412.

Started on 3rd August 2020 by a group of people that love the Beauty industry, and who, in response to the governments neglect and lack of support for this industry and failure to acknowledge its contribution to the UK economy said, THIS IS NOT OK.

The Beauty Backed fundraising initiative was put in place to support financially, and through awareness driving, the independent businesses and entrepreneurs in the Beauty industry that are suffering financially whilst still not being able to open under current government guidelines.