Today, dear readers, I bring news of a grave nature. If this was a telegram, it would be trimmed in black.

It would seem that Darphin have taken the decision to discontinue my beloved Purifying Balm. 

I don’t know the reasons (I shall assume it’s insanity) nor would I expect them to keep a product just because I love it (how rude). 

It did lead to a conversation with Mum however, about favourite products that have fallen by the wayside courtesy of their manufacturers….

So: what products have YOU loved and lost…?

Here’s a few of ours…..

Laura Mercier Sundown

NARS Ipanema brow pencil

Chantecaille Oak Brown brow pencil (old packaging – lead in new one is too soft)

Dior Self Tan for the Face (new one has shimmer – ‘Hideous’ – Mother)

Lancôme Flash Bronzer for the face (original) – ‘new one is just NOT as good, if it’s not broke, WHY do they try and fix it??’ – Mother

Lancôme Primordiale – Mother will never forgive you