Heads collectively UP folks: Emma Hardie, maker of my beloved cleanser, have released a body butter and it is absolutely f’ing gorgeous. I’m talking luxurious, reassuringly-heavy packaging, the signature smell of THAT cleanser, divine on the skin, and frankly, a no-brainer, put-it-in-your-basket-for-Christmas-now must-have.

Yes it’s hydrating/nourishing/conditioning etc and great for post-shower/bath application, but the smell. Sing Choirs of Angels the SMELL.

There’s a handy Hand Cream with SPF30 and a Bath and Shower Gel, both with the same delicious fragrance, but Jesus Mary Joseph and the wee Donkey: that Body Butter makes showering actually worth the effort.

Available now priced between £30.00 and £38.00.

Emma Hardie Moringa Luxury Body Butter: https://bit.ly/3lwI29q

Moringa Luxury Bath & Shower Oil: https://bit.ly/3BBDhRA

Moringa Luxury Hand and Nail Treatment SPF30: https://bit.ly/3awlXl0


Not an ad. It’s lush.