Following on from yesterday’s skin cleansers video, these products are better suited if you just want a little more ‘oomph’ from your daily cleansing routine. Equally good if you can’t use/don’t want to use acids (which unless you have a proper allergy WHY NOT?!).

Tata Harper Regenerating Cleanser – Rose clay, apricot seed powder and a plethora of gorgeous waxes make this a beautiful exfoliating cleanser without stripping or any harsh skin-damaging ingredients. This is my current first pick for either an AM cleanse or a fresh-as-a-daisy skin ready for retinols etc in the evening second cleanse. All skin types – extreme rosacea sufferers will need to avoid the cheeks.

Diptyque Multi-Use Exfoliating Clay – this can be used as a mask or a scrub depending on your mood. Marble powder (oo-er) and apricot kernel oil and trace minerals make this a luxurious way of polishing that boat.* Suitable for all skin types. Lovely for breakout-prone skins.

First Aid Beauty Facial Radiance Polish – I realise I didn’t talk about this AT ALL in the video. The mind – it is easily distracted. This one is gentle enough for daily use and is runnier than the others so you need very little. It’s oatmeal and shea nut shell powder. Not slice-your-face-open-husks. 🙂 All skin types.

Lush Angels on Bare Skin – this needs to be mixed with water to make a paste, which is then applied all over. Leaves the skin really smooth and soft. Exfoliating agents are ground almond powder and kaolin. Suitable for all skin types.

OSKIA Renaissance Mask – ok so this isn’t actually a cleanser, but I once accidentally used it thinking it was something else (it was really early and really dark) and the results were bloody marvellous. Technically you apply this and leave it for up to 20 minutes. In my case you apply it, rub it like you’re trying to get that genie out of the lamp, wash off and HeyPrestolookatthatfaceradiance! I’d apologise for abusing it so, but frankly I was so astounded I started trialing all sorts of products in the exact opposite way to the way they were recommended and it was a revelation. Contains MSM (obvs), lactic acid and a whole host of fruit acids. Bloody lovely.

Su-Man Exfoliating Facial Polish – literally contains coffee grains, very gentle but very effective. I can’t think about Dragon’s Blood without seeing fairy tales and nonsense so can we please just say ‘plant extracts’? Su-Man is great ml for £ value compared to a lot of higher priced products. Caffeine is invigorating without over-stimulating.

Thank you for watching and reading and putting up with my rants and basically everything. *heart swells*

Links are all available in the description box on the video.

*check your cockney rhyming slang reference dictionary