I finally got around to using the Glossier products I picked up last month, and this one was first out of the trap. I love a light coverage base almost as much as I love my dishwasher, so this came with great promise. Glossier is the off-shoot of the website Into The Gloss, and has triumphed with a range that has become ‘must-have’, despite the limited distribution meaning you have to buy it to try it. How do you do that?
You make your packaging, message and marketing scream ‘We’re so trendy and covetable, you need us, or you won’t be.’ Glossier is the brand equivalent of Mean Girls. And I say that as an observation, not a criticism.

It’s a marketing dream. Even yours truly, with a bullshit detector rating of 11/10, ordered the Phase 1 Set, along with an extra Balm DotCom, before I checked the ingredients, ending up with two very expensive lip balms that are essentially Vaseline in better packaging. More of which for another day.

So tint time:

I thought I’d write this in the way I spoke about it after I tested it (a few times), almost like a checklist. In my head. As you do.

  • Coverage is not light, it’s literally ‘barely there’, like almost non-existent. Like you’re tanned and sweaty.
  • You do not want this if you do not have perfect/really good skin, unless it’s to give you ‘something’ if you’re going to the gym first thing, for example, then maybe yes.
  • If you’re on your period and hate your skin, reach for the full coverage, don’t waste this. This is only to be dragged out on those ‘DAYUM I look goooood’ days OR on those school run mornings when you think ‘Jesus, Mary and Joseph woman do something you old hag’.
  • If you don’t shake it before you attempt to get some out, you’ll have cappuccino coloured water running through your fingers. Don’t do that. I tried it so you don’t have to.
  • It gives a good glow, but too much of a good thing and…
  • If you’re oily, it gives too much of a glow and I think you’re going to need powder, which for me, misses the point.
  • I like this packaging, it’s cheap, but oddly much more solid than its heftier, higher price point comrades.
  • It comes in five proper shades from light to rich, and the names are appropriate (light, medium, dark, deep, rich), not offensive i.e. the ever-popular foundation name of ‘tan’, which I’ve always thought should be renamed ‘white people tan’. 
  • Chantecaille people: This is less coverage than Just Skin and a smidge more than Real Skin. A smidge

  • Bloody Hell this isn’t much coverage for $26.00
  • But it’s nice enough if you can afford it
  • I’ll probably never be without it
  • You’re paying for the name
  • You can’t sit with us

Glossier Perfecting Skin Tint is $26.00 and available here: glossier.com/perfecting-skin-tint – you probably want it even though you don’t need it.

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