I was specifically asked about this on Monday so used it the last couple of days – both on my face and trialed on my hand (both tests I always do) and I am considerably and surprisingly underwhelmed. I usually love Lancome products – but this kind of misses the mark for me.

Firstly, it feels and behaves much more like a BB than a CC. It’s tinted for a start – and has quite a heavy feel when it’s on, although it doesn’t provide a lot of coverage.

It smells beautiful – and strongly of the spf content (which I personally love) – but it’s not moisturising at all on my skin. I haven’t done anything different, I’m using the same routine for this testing to give some degree of stability (as much as you can when not testing officially via a lab etc!) and this feels like I would need a moisturiser on top of it, not underneath it.

It’s called a Complexion Beautifier but I see much more beautifying from something like the Pixi Primer which is £7 cheaper.

The website says ‘Perfects like a foundation. Beautifies like an illuminator. Hydrates like a moisturiser. With SPF 50 to help protect the skin.’ – I have to disagree with all but the SPF part. Sorry Lancome. 

Don’t worry. I’m sure Mother – the Lancome Crack Addict, will adore it!

Please let me know if you have had an altogether different experience – I’m all for fairness.

Suitable for:

Covering blemishes? No.

Evening out skin tone? Not particularly.

Hydrating/prepping the skin for use under makeup? No. I would need an extra layer of moisture.

Wearing alone without makeup? Yes, if you are having a no-makeup-day, but only if you are wearing a lot of moisturiser.

Heavy on top of moisturiser? No. If anything it’s too drying.

Makes you look better than before you used it? If you are wearing a lot of moisturiser, as before.

Lancome’s City Miracle CC Cream is £27.00 and available at all Lancome stockists.