When they launched, Dermatica were the first online dermatology service of its kind in the UK, whereby you upload photographs of your skin, fill out your profile and the Dermatology Team create you a personalised formula for your skin’s needs. Dermatica are now taking it one step further and are delving into the world of cosmetic skincare.

Their new range consists of a full routine which can be used alongside your personalised treatment, or alone, and includes:

Caring Squalane Cream Cleanser (£12.95)
A cream-to-oil-to-milk consistency, this is a good option for a first, second or morning cleanse. It leaves your skin clean, comfortable and ready for the next step without feeling drying. This is my favourite texture from the line as I love a cream-to-oil-to-milk texture.

Balancing Glycerin Gel Cleanser (£12.95)
This can be used as a first, second or morning cleanse and is perfect for combination to oily skins. Although it is a gel cleanser, the addition of glycerin to the formula cleans your skin without stripping it, leaving it soft, calm and comfortable. It’s not heavy and will work beautifully for oily, combination or blemish-prone skins.

Hydrating Hyaluronic Acid + Vit B5 Serum (£15)
This is a non-sticky formula that works to hydrate your skin, with two weights of hyaluronic acid. You can use AM or PM (or both) and it sits well under moisturiser, SPF and makeup. Less is more, start with a little and add extra if you need.

Soothing Centella Gel Moisturiser (£12.95)
Opt for this if you have combination to oily skin. This is a water-based, lightweight moisturiser, but with ceramides to hydrate your skin. If you are oily, you still need to nourish your skin and this moisturiser provides a hit of hydration without overdoing it.

Nourishing Ceramide + Peptide Moisturiser (£15.95)
A thicker consistency (but still sinks in beautifully) than the gel moisturiser, this is my preference as it is good for balanced and drier skin. It leaves your skin silky smooth, plump and nourished. The formula contains ceramides and peptides to hydrate and help plump and smooth fine lines.

Restoring Ceramide Skin Balm (£5.95)
This was purposely designed for very dry or temporarily sensitised skin and is suitable for use on patches affected by stronger actives. Use this alongside your personalised formula to help combat flaky, irritated and inflamed areas by nourishing and protecting the skin.

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