In the last couple of months I’ve had increasingly horrible breast pain before and during periods. Although they are tender in between monthly cycles, its really when I’m in PMS mode that they go in to overdrive.

If you’ve ever breast fed it’s worse than the’ let-down’ pain and if you haven’t – it feels like my breast is literally going to explode with pain. To the point where you remove your bra and yelp in pain, then walk around cradling said breast like it’s a little bird fallen out of its nest. Not nice.

After a plea on twitter I was reminded about the use of Starflower Oil in treatment of breast pain – and thank GOD I was.

I’ve been taking 2000mg a day – one in the morning and one in the evening – and the pain is all but subsided in between cycles. The real test will be when I’m closer to my period but for now – I’m a happy pain-free bunny.

Lamberts are usually my supplement of choice. I get them direct from the Lamberts site but they are widely available including through Victoria Health.