One of my creations, earlier today, whilst intact.

‘Oh I don’t have a sweet tooth. I’m a savoury girl.’ Yeah right. I mean, I am a savoury girl, given the choice at restaurants I’ll always go starter over dessert. There’s no competition. But I’ve been working hard and slacking lately and reaching for the quick sugar fix and and and…

Here we are, almost in Spring and I am feeling a tad ‘bleurgh’. So my thinking is: would any of you like to join me on a sugar detox? I use the word ‘detox’ in its correct form, I’m not suggesting my body is not capable of keeping itself ‘cleansed’, but it stands to reason that it would just have a much easier time of it if I stopped putting crap into it.

Don’t worry. I’m not about to start posting pictures of kale and saying ‘Ooh scrummy!’ (if you ever hear me use the word ‘scrummy’, please smack me around the head anyway), but I am vowing to steer clear of well, things that my children can eat on occasion that I really have no business eating – at all. Ever. Mindless eating. Isn’t it strange that you can be very ‘mindful’ in your day-to-day lifestyle, business practices, parenting – pretty much anything, but very quickly revert to being brain dead when it comes to just eating nonsense? Or badly, let’s call a spade a spade, eating badly.

Like I said, I won’t be evangelical and preachy, but I usually find if I say I’m going to do something, I am always more inclined to follow through if people (family – especially the kids) are watching me.

Have any of you given sugar the old heave-ho lately? If not for health, let’s do it for our skin. 😉

Who’s in?