We’re about to go into another heatwave, which means some of us are going to see some changes to our skin. Changes we don’t really want. You might have started noticing some little dark spots, maybe on your upper lip, the side of your face, or on your forehead.


First & foremost, what you need to know (and you should all know already) is:

  • SPF is your best friend.
  • Using SPF will of course stop you getting sun burnt and prevent skin cancers, but it’s also good at preventing pigmentation – you need to use SPF every day to avoid pigmentation.

Product recommendation: 


Pigmentation and post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation and melasma belong to the same family, but their causes are different. Pigmentation can be caused by sun damage, acne scarring, picking spots or inflammation, just for starters.

Melasma is predominantly linked to your hormones, so lots of women get it when they start taking the pill, during pregnancy, menopause and various conditions like Lupus and even Celiac Disease.

Female sufferers outweigh male 9 to 1.

It’s basically your melanocytes throwing their toys out of the pram. In a normal skin your melanocytes work like a sparkler, generating melanin, with melasma, the melanocytes are going off like fireworks.

You can get a package of laser treatments to help with melasma. Sun block and clinical peels help too. I had mild melasma with my pregnancies, and it clears up in winter and rears its head again in the summer. Get used to it reoccurring like an old friend (enemy?!).

The bad news is, even if you stay out of the sun and wear sun block, it will probably come back because that’s what it does. It’s also heat triggered, so honestly impossible to avoid in weather like this – it WILL help to stay away from saunas and steam rooms.

Make sure you know if you’ve got melasma or pigmentation before you part with your hard-earned cash.

The following products were listed in order of strength (and as it turns out, price).


If you overdo it and get some sunburn, these three products are brilliant for calming the skin and giving you relief:

  • Boots Calamine & Glycerin Cream is cheap and it really works. You don’t need a prescription: Boots
  • Soleve Sunburn Relief cutaneous emulsion isn’t for little ones, it’s 12 years and older. You can buy it online or over the counter as it contains ibuprofen. All you need to do is apply a small amount to the affected area: Boots
  • Diprobase is available from any pharmacy and is recommended by doctors: Diprobase

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