Older routines: Just a reminder that I am always trialling products and that a picture of something does not necessarily mean an endorsement.

Well this one is easy! I’ve been talking about and showing routines since this blog began nearly 11 years ago. So for ease, here are some key blog posts to get you started..

Cheat Sheet: Routines

Cheat Sheet: Confused Skin: What do you treat first?

Cheat Sheet: Where to spend money in your routine?

Cheat Sheet: How much product should you use?

Cheat Sheet: Top Tips for Great Skin

If you’re starting out, just remember: the best product is one that you will use. Ignore trends, go for a price point you can afford without using your credit card and start with the three basics:

Cleanser first.
Moisturiser next.
Then think about the middle – this is where you will apply serums (as in the Cheat Sheets above) and anti-ageing treatments.

And if you want further information, there are hundreds of pages (literally) on how to build a good routine in the book. *inserts shameless plug*