The Skin Rocks Retinoids have launched, and I have understandably had a lot of questions about which Retinoid you need, based on what you are currently using.

In the first instance, I would recommend you download the Skin Rocks app, which is purely algorithm based, and will give you the products most recommended for your skin, based on the profile you enter: Apple App Store/Skin Rocks and Google Play Store/Skin Rocks 

And a reminder that the App is free..

My Regulatory and Compliance Officer has also put together this Google Doc that will remain online and be constantly updated to help you find the product that is right for you:

CH Retinoid Google Doc

(If you are a brand that wants to add your product to this document, or change something in it, please DM me on Instagram. Thank you!)

The Skin Rocks Retinoids are available to buy now, priced £65.00 and £75.00 respectively at