Beauty trends are ever evolving, especially within skincare. New technology breakthroughs, ingredient discoveries and delivery systems are constantly advancing. So, when a product has been around for a long time, it generally means it is something unique and special that can stand the test of time.


I invented the Alpha Beta Daily Peels over 20 years ago and it is still our number one product.


First, some basic info: the Alpha Beta Daily Peels are a two-step at-home chemical peel that lifts away dead skin along with excess oil & impurities, while improving fine line and wrinkles, uneven tone and texture. Step one is formulated with a blend of alpha and beta hydroxy acids while step two neutralizes the acids and delivers powerful anti-aging ingredients. 


The Alpha Beta Daily Peel was revolutionary in that it was the first, true at-home facial peel for all skin types, it was designed for daily use and it never caused downtime.


I still remember driving down Fifth Avenue in a cab, I had been practicing dermatology for about 5 years in New York City. I just had this idea – it hit me like a bolt of lightning – I could create a professional peel that blended acids at lower concentrations to give a beautiful exfoliation and glow but not irritate the skin.


In the late 90s, people were doing these really strong, single-acid peels – there would be tons of downtime. You couldn’t leave the house for a week – and worse of all, you didn’t see any results. Most of the time, it actually damaged the skin. I never felt right about this. Your skin is your largest organ. Why would you harm it to make it better? You wouldn’t damage your lungs and expect them to work better.


I invented the Professional Alpha Beta Peel as a superior alternative. It was groundbreaking – the first professional peel that had a significant acid concentration comprised of a cocktail of acids at lower concentrations instead of a single-acid formula.


Other dermatologists thought the idea was crazy and wouldn’t work, but I was confident in my philosophy. I added the peel to my treatment menu and word of mouth spread. The practice was fully booked with patients wanting to get the new Alpha Beta Peel.


Even my wife, Carrie Gross, couldn’t get an appointment. One day she asked me to bring the peel home and that was our lightbulb moment: we should make an at-home version so everyone, no matter where they are, can get this treatment.


I formulated a new product that people could use at-home – a daily treatment you could use in-between monthly peel appointments. And again, word of mouth spread. I invented the first true at home facial peel for all skin types that is used every day and never produces a downtime. My mantra is always keep the skin balanced.


The revolution was in the at-home peel’s two-step formulation, mimicking how professional peels have been done by dermatologists for decades.


Having two steps and the acid formulation were the key game changers – that is what makes the product so effective, but still gentle. The at-home Alpha Beta Daily Peels use a blend of multiple acids, each at lower concentrations, that add up to a significant total acid concentration

You use step one, which is the acids, and then wait two minutes, and then use step two which is the neutralizer. Step two shuts off the acids’ activity.


The peels deliver an instant glow plus long-term benefits – people were immediately in love with the results.


To put it simply, the Alpha Beta Daily Peels are entirely unique. They are the only two-step at-home chemical peel on the market. The unique blend of acids in step one plus the neutralizer and anti-ingredient formulation in step two has never been replicated.


We are excited to see how the peel’s fanbase grows for the next 20 years and beyond.